The orchestra exist in this form since 2005, it came off by the union of further separate operating orchestras of the town.With enthusiastic young musicians, based on the recognized and historically wind music traditions, it became a meeting point for generations,because from the 14 year old young to the 55 year old musician three generations playing music together in this orchestra. The member studied and also studies today the instrumental music in the music school of the town.


The main function of the band is to entertain his audience on an ambitious, high level on hungarian and international festivals, events of the town and own concerts, and to represent Sárvár. The band play regulary on inland wind music festivals, it has also a long time relationship and friendship with other orchestras to attend. It has also contact with orchestras from foreign countries, succesfull appereances were held in Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland.

The Hungarian Wind Music Association gave on his X. Wind Music Qualification in 2007 in “C” superlative degree a golden top qualifiation for the orchestra. Also in this year the orchetstra attained a second place at the MID Europe international competition in Schladming, Austria. The repertoire starts with historical marches, through the concert wind music literature till light music arrangements.

The conductor of the orchestra is Attila Szélesi, the president Tivadar Máhr.